Ranjith Kumar Engineer in the making


Travis errors were finally resolved, thanks to Isuru for digging deep into these errors. The problem was with the coverage info generated with Piranha. So, as per Isuru’s suggestions, I went on to move piranha on to a different test where CODECOV was disabled.

PRs ready for a review -

I will continue working on improving fu so that once #1305 gets in, I can send a PR of that as well.

End of GSoC-2017 :
This is officially the final week of GSoC 2017. It has been a great journey where I learnt a lot of new stuff. My mentors helped me throughout, Special Thanks to them. There are still some pending works wrt to the proposal as listed below.

Remaining work :

  • Getting the above 3 PRs merged.
  • completing fu and the PR #1058 on interop of polynomials.

GoodBye !!