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Trigonometric Solvers Part II

This is the blog on progress for week-7 and week-8. It revolves around trigonometric solvers. As a side note, My progress rate has significantly dropped since the commencement of classes due to tight schedule and loaded assignments. I am working all out on weekends to compensate this time loss.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I continued my work on solving simple trigonometric equations. As isuruf suggested, I breaked the PR #1305 into several small parts.

First one is on as_real_imag #1310. Several Changes were made like adding support for TrigFunctions and HyperbolicFunctions.

Next PR is on rewrite_as_exp #1309. For this, I Implemented a Base Transform Visitor as follows.

class TransformVisitor : public BaseVisitor<TransformVisitor> 

and rewrite_as_exp is implemented with a class overriding TransformVisitor’s methods.

class RewriteAsExp : public BaseVisitor<RewriteAsExp, TransformVisitor>

Additionally, going by srajan’s suggestion, I changed introduced a new base class TrigBase for TrigFunctions and its inverses and similarly for HyperbolicFunctions.

Additionally, I made some fixes in ImageSet here.

Once, this PR gets in, I will push the remaining bits and pieces from #1305.