Ranjith Kumar Engineer in the making


This week, I tried to get the earlier PR’s #1291 and #1293 merged in. But, Unfortunately there were several mistakes in the earlier implementation of simplifications in ConditionSet. Thanks to isuruf, I was able to correct them and finally it got merged in. #1293 PR on ImageSet is also complete but not yet merged.

Along side, I started working on implementing lower order polynomial solvers. This work is done here in #1296.

Short description of this PR:

  • Basic module for sovlers is up and running.
  • adds solvers for polynomials with degree <= 4.
  • integrates Flint’s wrappers for factorisation into solvers.
  • Fixes a bug in Forward Iterator. credits : Srajangarg

This PR is still a WIP, as it doesn’t handle polynomials with symbolic coefficients.

More on Solvers coming soon !! Until then Stay tuned !!